Radiator by Neon Captain

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X-Laser and Neon Captain have teamed up to bring a new batch of Radiator laser synthesizers into the world! Artists looking to project unique visuals in real time with the unmatched intensity of laser can add this powerful multimedia controller to their arsenals once again.


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New for 2024: Radiator & X-Laser bundles!

Combine a Radiator by Neon Captain with an X-Laser projector for maximum creative power—and save big!

Bundles include one (1) Radiator, one (1) X-Laser projector—at a 15% discount—and one (1) free 25' ILDA cable. You'll save more than $500 when bundling these products together!

Laserist Bundle – $4,219

  • Radiator by Neon Captain
  • X-Laser Mobile Beat Mercury (500mW)
  • 25' ILDA cable
02.06.24 Radiator Laserist Bundle R2

Pro Bundle – $4,559

  • Radiator by Neon Captain
  • X-Laser Skywriter HPX M-2 (2W)
  • 25' ILDA cable
02.06.24 Radiator Pro Bundle R1

Curious about what's possible with Radiator?

Learn more about this powerful, portable instrument of creative expression.

Designed for use with any pro-grade laser

The Radiator works with all ILDA-capable laser projectors, including X-Laser and LaserCube systems. 


Blend laser, audio, and video content

Supports HDMI and audio X&Y in/out, as well as Ethernet for EtherDream DAC and forever-free firmware updates.


Rugged Housing

Stand up to all kinds of show environments with powder-coated housing and sturdy detents.


Stateless Encoders

Unlimited creative possibilities with lag-free live design.


Logical Layout

For live, easy-to-set dynamic bus routing.

Who is Neon Captain?

Neon Captain is a team of four highly skilled and passionate artists and developers: laser artist Christopher Short, electronics expert Andrew Kilpatrick, designer QP Tharmviboonsri and 3D graphics programmer Jonathan Fuerth. They are located in the Santa Fe, Montreal and Toronto. They are combining their passion, skills and experience to bring our dream of an affordable live laser synthesizer to life!

Who is X-Laser?

X-Laser is a Maryland-based, FDA-varianced, non-ionizing radiation system developer and integrator. They develop and manufacture some of the best, most innovative, and affordable entertainment, architectural, and industrial laser projectors in the world. They are also a family company that stands behind every unit they make and strives to provide the most responsive customer service in the industry.